Influencer Marketing: A few tips

Influencer marketing is more powerful than ever as brands utilise the reach of social media to engage consumers and target a whole new audience. The idea is pretty simple –  product plus well-known person equals exposure and success. However, as we know, with great power comes great responsibility, as some brands and influencers have found out to their cost from campaigns that just didn’t manage to produce the superhero effect. Well, we say keep the cape. Here’s some points to consider to make influencer marketing for your brand as influential as possible.

Authenticity shines through

Social media – it’s a numbers game right? Well, not always. Sometimes less is more and depending on the size of your brand, somewhere in the middle may be the best fit when it comes to choosing an influencer. A more authentic profile with a following in the low to medium thousands, is likely to be much more trustworthy and relatable from a consumer viewpoint. This, along with the influencer’s persona and values should be considered and somewhat reflected in the product they are promoting. A sense of authority in their chosen field adds to the genuinity of the collaboration and this is why it’s all about striking the right balance between reach, personality and suitability. The right fit for your brand is somewhere out there, possibly posing for a selfie.

Branding: how much?

This ties in with the above about authenticity – how much branding is too much? Again, this requires balance and a level of compromise with your chosen influencer. They’ll have their input with ideas, content, and how best to come across – after all they have a reputation to protect too. Overly branded images prove less popular on Instagram and are more suited to platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Throughout a campaign, it’s important for influencers to not come across in a forced and gimmicky style as this is easy to see through and can be damaging for both parties. Essentially, the more natural and seamless the campaign appears the higher the likelihood of success and growth.

Check out these examples of 5 creative influencer campaigns from 2016 courtesy of Newscred.

Campaign: creativity & execution

It’s important to remember with influencer marketing that there are two audiences to consider; your current fanbase and your new potential following, loyal to the influencer. Successful campaigns are a result of the message the influencer is able to convey in a subtle and natural manner which their fans believe in. This leads those same fans to believe in your product. Think of it as digital networking – endorsement creates connectivity. A word of warning; nobody likes spam. Whether it’s email, text message, social media or the pink stuff in a can, it’s annoying. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so be mindful of your scheduling. Random posts that don’t seem planned can prove to be very fruitful. However, a series of posts, possibly with multiple influencers or in a story-type format, may create anticipation and more engagement. Remember to identify which popular hashtags your campaign could be attached to.

Measuring success

Success can be measure by reach, new fans or followers and sales. Growth can be found in numerous ways, such as product/brand awareness, engagement and new connections, and this should be remembered when assessing the campaign and the influencer’s impact. Clarify your goals before any campaign and reassess these along the way.

Now, go forth and shine online evermore!