Fancy trouser store? Yellow enthusiasts? Or a bunch of meme-loving, creative professionals who know their stuff. No really, all the stuff of the magical place called the internet. No we do not turn it off and on again. We ideate, create and marvel at our work while thinking about our next meal.

We’re the people you call when your website is broken, or when you need to yell out and spread the word of your cool new business but apparently shouting it on the rooftops doesn’t work anymore and it’s much more complicated than updating your Facebook status.

Our aim is to make your little idea-bulb stand out and shine the brightest. Our design and marketing team are the right fit to take your business to the next level.

What sets you apart from your competitors is the distinctive message you are trying to send to your consumers. Combine that with what you want your business to look like and BAM!…

A website designed to be your extraordinary presence, both online and offline. We don’t mean to brag, but we’re good at it.  

So you could come to us with a moodboard and 10 examples or you could say you like Apple but hate the lack of colour –  we’d totally get it. We GET you.

Think of this as the matrix; a whole bunch of details that go behind making your website. This bit is complex and boring, but like all things in life, complex and boring just means it’s important, like eating vegetables. What we do here is make sure your website doesn’t just look spanking but using it feels like you’re navigating through your wildest dreams – you just don’t want to stop.

You know how they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, well yeah about that… Your “brand” is your business’ identity and well, it’s gonna be judged and it’s gonna be judged good. This is where we come in to turn your brand into the foxiest brand to ever be branded in branding history.

1500 friends on Facebook and the only person to like your status about your new business’ website is your mother and your best friend. Turns out digital marketing is much more than just talking; it is connecting with the right people at the right time. Whether you do it through a search engine, emails or social media, we’ll get you right in front of your desired audience when it matters most.

With over 100 hours of video content being uploaded every hour on YouTube, it’s not a secret anymore of how important video marketing is for your brand. We’ll tell your visual stories to your audience by developing amazing video content, connecting you to your fans in the most creative ways.

We provide you with world class hosting services for your website, making sure that it’s backed up on a regular basis and scanned on a regularly too, for any potential threats and to keep it riding at top speed.  


Our agency has a unique work process – the way in which we approach our work, and get things done.
Our “mojo” is the
creative power behind our success – an internal factor that shines through to our outside structure. It is our mojo that makes us
magnetic, attracting people to us and what we have to offer.


We believe that no one understands your business more than you and it’s vital for us to understand your brand and its story before we even start to work with you. That is why we believe in working alongside you to bring the best results for you.

The Yellow Trousers team works as an extension of your team, working round the clock to get the best results for you and your business. We understand the bottom line of your business and work with you to achieve that.


Once we have understood your requirements, a client brief is created and the project is divided into smaller milestones and a project deliverable.

These deliverables  are then scheduled with different time scales and are allocated to different experts to work on.


Once a plan has been outlined, the team works day in day out to achieve all small milestones and towards finishing the project.

The team works on the project in an agile method where each milestone is finished and then merged with other milestones to complete the overall project.


Once the project is complete, it is then shared with the client for their opinion and response. We hope to deliver nothing but perfection through our work.

This perfection in our work can then be seen from our client’s happy faces and their reviews. We are really OCD towards 100% client satisfaction!


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Brand Marketing
Internet Marketing
Brand Design
Web Development
Copy Writing


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We love our clients and work passionately to achieve their vision. We work collaboratively throughout, almost as part of their internal tem, to achieve the best results possible.


It's pretty Incredible what Yellow Trousers can do.

Nitin Khattri, La Bonita London.


I can only say good words about these guys. It's been a pleasure working with them creating the website for my dad's restaurant and their work truly speaks for itself.

Allison Feuvrier , Sur Le Green.


Yellow Trousers lets me sleep easy knowing my website is well optimised, secure and easy to update. This lets me get on with developing content, a community and building more business from my website.

Kevin Greene, Greene Social.


I was looking for a clean, responsive website to showcase my products. Yellow Trousers helped me create the perfect website in a very short space of time.

Kamal Mishra, Education Centre UK.


Yellow Trousers does what their name says - they make your website stand out.

Parin Shah, Long View Technologies.


We’re millennials. We know our shit!
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